Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Haute Mess

"There comes a moment when a great designer moves from being a creative force to a national treasure. With his haute couture show, Jean Paul Gaultier took that step." Suzy Menkes
Couture Fashion Week is all about extremes so it was no surprise that the always eclectic style of J.P. Gaultier wasn't missed from this year show: models holding cigarettes, puffing smoke rings on the runway, fur bra cones or the high-rise turbans on almost every head. Very Parisian. Waw.

Couture Fashion Week je najmä o extrémoch, takže nikoho neprekvapili kreácie vždy eklektického J.P. Gaultiera. Tentokrát to bolo najmä o modelkách s cigaretami v ruke pofajčievajúcimi počas predvádzania na móle, o kožušinových podprsenkách v tvare kornútkov, ale i o vysokých zakrútených turbanoch. Také ala Parížanka. Waw.
Foto: Luca Cannonieri


Katka said...

cigarety este aj na mole! hroza.. odisla by som z prehliadky

beewaits said...

These pictures are to die for. I loved the turbans this year..wish I could pull one off


Me, myself n I said...


coco's blog said...

It's really amazing i have make a spot about jpg haute couture too !

Very nice blog !!


libys11 said...

insane!!! i love how these images are such standouts! :D

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Nita-Karoliina said...

Nice blog!

rebecca said...

I love the turbans, I think I'll leave it to the models though!