Friday, November 1, 2013

Isabel Marant pour H&M

 "I'm flattered by this collaboration. I aim at creating something real, that women want to wear in their everyday lives, with a certain carelessness, which I think is very Parisian: you dress up but do not pay too much attention and still look sexy."     
Last week in Paris, the Isabel Marant for H&M collection was presented in a rock concert atmosphere to a crowd of celebrities, fashion icons and journalists from around the world. The collection will go on sale on November 14 worldwide and will include womenswear and menswear in addition to jewelry, shoes and bags. To celebrate the special occasion, I am bringing you exclusive insight from Isabel Marant herself.

Minulý týždeň v Paríži bola novinárom, celebritám a módnym ikonám odprezentovaná kolekcia Isabel Marant pre H&M, pričom atmosféra pripomínala rockový koncert. Kolekcia bude v predaji po celom svete (na SR v obchode v Auparku) od 14. novembra a okrem dámskeho a pánskeho oblečenia ponúkne aj doplnky, topánky a kabelky. K oslave tejto ojedinelej udalosti vám prinášam exkluzívny rozhovor so samotnou Isabel Marant. 
Slovenský preklad rozhovoru, ako aj fotografie kampane a zákulisia fotenia, nájdete na Webnovinách/Dámskej jazde: TU

Let’s start from the beginning… Who is Isabel Marant?
A woman of her time. A mother, wife and fashion designer. A person who likes sharing: I think it is very important to dialogue with the people you have around. I am able to do it through my work.

What made you want to become a fashion designer?
I was always a bit of a rebel, and started customising my clothes nearly on, influenced by the music I was listening. I liked to use clothes to express my personality and that led me rather naturally to become a designer. It was all very organic, and things are growing steadily through the years.

Over the years, who has influenced you the most in your life and work?
Every experience that you make teaches you something, I think. I always look at what happens around me, in every field. I am interested in reality, in dressing real woman, with a dash of cool and fantasy. That's the real influence in my work.

What’s the main inspiration behind the H&M collaboration?
I wanted the collection to condense the essence of the Isabel Marant style. I imagined it as a wardrobe of cool, easy pieces that are effortless to wear but keep a certain rock attitude. My fans will find in it all my bestsellers, while the new customers that will get to know me will find the pillars of my style.

This would be your first time designing menswear. How was it and is it something you would consider for your own label?
For the time being, men's wear is a one-off, which makes this collaboration even more special. Friends and customers have been begging me forever to do a men's collection, so it felt like the right moment. The spirit is cool and easy, exactly like the women's. Actually, women can pick something from the collection too.

Who is the collection aimed at? What sort of woman and man will wear Isabel Marant for H&M?
I really aim at designing for everybody. I do not have a specific client in mind when i design, and really think men and women of any age can enjoy it: some will like the clothing, other the accessories. It's all about individual interpretation.

Foto: Saskia Lawaks/Vogue
Special THANKS: Katarína Tomášiková from H&M


Erik Vitáliš said...

super príspevok :) krásny blog :)

Erik Vitáliš said...

super príspevok :) krásny blog

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