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Hilary MacMillan: A designer who revolutionized Canadian vegan fashion

Hilary MacMillan is a Canadian cruelty-conscious contemporary designer, who revolutionized Canadian vegan fashion. Her exquisite, yet inviting designs inspire a catalyst for change in the way consumers think about the ethics of clothing. At Toronto Fashion Week 2018, Hilary transformed the runway to an exuberant garden of Marrakesh through and effectively realized her inspiration from Moroccan tiles. I wanted to learn more about how Hilary went from studying political science and economics, to showing at TFW, and everything in between.…

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How To: Red-carpet beauty looks

Toronto International Film Festival is kicking off this week and that means Canada’s most famous red carpet once again unfurls as some of Hollywood’s brightest stars come to town. Celebs sure do know a thing or two about getting…

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9 Tips for Planning Your Own Wedding

I knew I’d be excited and completely head over heels –  but planning my own wedding gave me an entirely different perspective on weddings. It’s a well-known fact that wedding planning is daunting and attempting it with your better…

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Men Confidential: Ako to vidia chlapi

Žijeme v dobe emancipácie. V dobe, v ktorej máme my ženy šancu ukázať svetu, že sme samostatné. Šikovné. Dravé. Cieľavedomé. Že sa vieme o seba postarať. Na druhej strane s tým súvisí naša zvýšená sebakritickosť, náročnosť, snaha o dokonalosť,…


Chickpea “Tuna” Salad

Since moving to Seattle and starting work, I’ve had a lot less time to spend in the kitchen, so I’m always making food that is fast to prepare but also delicious. One of my go-to recipes is my chickpea…