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Audrey Hyams Romoff: If you really want something, don’t be discouraged and you can do it

As women, success is defined as being an engaged mother or as having a prosperous career. In these changing times, more and more women are striving to push past the boundaries set by society and personalize their own versions of success. Audrey Hyams Romoff from OverCat Communications emulates these varieties of success and inspires to look at womanhood from a bird’s eye view. I got the chance to speak with her about her experiences as a mother, an entrepreneur, and…

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Self-tanners: sunshine in a bottle

Although paler skin is edging back into fashion, being tanned is often linked to self-esteem, with many women saying they feel more confident, slimmer and healthier when they’ve ‘had a tan’. Up until the 1920s, tan skin was a sign…

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Keep it cool: Linen makes comeback

For me, nothing says Summer like linen does. I know what you are you thinking: isn’t linen for middle aged ladies? Is it worth making friends with the trickiest of fabrics? When it comes to summer dressing this year, it’s…

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What will Meghan Markle’s wedding dress look like?

With Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s royal wedding just two weeks away, speculation continues among the fashion press over who will design that all-important gown with Erdem, Christopher Bailey, Stella McCartney, and Alexander McQueen proving to be the favourites.…

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Milenky: S Alexandrou Gruskovou nielen o kostýmoch

Nový seriál Milenky je slovenskou adaptáciou úspešného britského formátu Mistresses z knižnice BBC Worldwide. Každá zo štyroch hlavných hrdiniek sa hľadá na komplikovanej ceste životom, ktorým prechádzajú ako kamarátky spoločne. Seriál je plný dramatických zvratov, napätia, ale aj láskavého…