Thank you so much for stopping by! My name is Barbora Soskova (Dudinska). I’m a fashion consultant, freelance writer, communications director and a red carpet reporter based in Toronto. I’m also the creator behind ChiChi.

Chichi [shee-shee] 


Ostentatiously stylish; deliberately chic. 

ChiChi is a platform where I, together with some regular contributors, share the passion for fashion, lifestyle, career and beauty, and where you get a glimpse of my personal life. With exclusive celebrity photos, videos, interviews and insider access to star-studded red carpets, I’m often lucky enough to experience first hand and up close what’s hot, what’s not, what’s trendy and what are the highs and lows of Hollywood style. It’s a tremendous honor, the experience of which I’d like to share.

Fashion. What I love about it is, how it can define you as a person. From the colours you choose, the styles, the accessories, they all combine to give you an overall style that is unique for you. My hope is to empower you to live a happy life while looking and feeling your best. So, whether you’re a new follower or have been reading my website from the beginning, thank you so much for all your love & support!

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