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Gift Wrapping Ideas

I don’t know about you, but I love wrapping Christmas presents (even though I’m not the queen of DIY). I’m no expert gift wrapper, but I love doing it and I find my taste changes just a bit every year. Using simple ideas, you can have a pile of prettily wrapped packages in no time. These are just some of the ideas I found on Pinterest.

Here are some things to help you out with the process:

Choose a nice, maybe a bit different wrapping paper. Give inexpensive Kraft or butcher paper an artistic update with a woodblock stamp and white ink.
Don’t forget about some fancy ribbon, rope or twine.
Pick up some sentimental and gift specific ornaments.
Pick some fresh flowers and greenery.
Following a gift wrapping theme can make things a lot easier. Layer gift wrap and toppers in various patterns featuring the same color family, mix and match ribbons/strings, ornaments and greenery to create the perfect look for each gift.
A handmade tag makes a beautifully wrapped gift even more special.

Simple trick: Wrap the entire package in strands of ribbon or twine. It’s easy, simple and it immediately dresses up the box.

Want to learn how to wrap a gift the easy way? Gift wrapping is not that hard, but you need to follow a few key steps to have the edges turn out perfectly. I find this video really helpful.


I hope that that this will inspire you to create some nice gift wraps this holiday season.. You can find more gift wrapping inspiration on my Facebook page tomorrow, don’t forget to check it out!

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