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Vietnamese Inspired Summer Rolls

With back to school creeping around the corner and less time in the day to focus on meal prepping, today I thought I would share an easy recipe for Vietnamese inspired summer rolls. I love making these when I…

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3, 2, 1… Crêpes!

Who would’t love them? Smooth, a little crisp around the edges, filled with delicious curd cheese filling or sweet marmalade. If you are a crêpe lover, then you need to try this fancied 1-2-3 recipe. This non-stick crêpe batter…


Spicy Tofu Breakfast Burritos

Hi everyone! Today I am sharing with you how to make a super impressive and surprisingly easy dish that I think everyone should add to their cooking repertoire. I had no idea what to call this dish but Spicy…

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Kakaové Müsli Tyčinky

/GUEST POST BY ALEXANDRA RYMŠINOVÁ/ Tieto tyčinky sú ideálnym spoločníkom na cesty. Pečiem ich stále dokola. Skladujem ich v mrazničke a pokiaľ viem, že ma čaká dlhý deň mimo domova, vždy si jednu pribalím! Sú to najjednoduchšie, najuniverzálnejšie a…