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How to beat the winter blues

January is considered the most depressing month of the year. The days are short, the weather is cold and miserable, daylight is in short supply, not to mention the post-holiday blues. If you are like me, all you want…

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It’s that time again; to kiss away the old year and embrace a new one. I can’t believe this year is over already, it seems it has flown by! And as a New Year approaches, I want to give a…

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Gift-Wrapping Ideas

We all love receiving beautifully gift-wrapped boxes almost as much as the gift itself. If you are the kind of gift-giver who puts a lot of thought into making everything perfect for Christmas Day, these unique, easy and creative…

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Na slovíčko s.. Romi Klimeková

To, ako bývame, nie je náhoda. Každý človek si podvedome vyberá priestor, v ktorom žije alebo pracuje a tento priestor nás ovplyvňuje viac, ako si dokážeme predstaviť. Vplýva na našu osobnosť a náladu, rovnako ako naša osobnosť vytvára alebo pretvára…

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How to start a day in a happy way

People always comment on how I always seem to have a smile on my face, or they comment saying how my happiness is contagious. I’m one of those annoying people who’s overly happy all the time. But let me tell you something…

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Na slovíčko s.. Filip Šebo

Filipa Šeba netreba asi nikomu predstavovať. Bývalý futbalista sa pred pár rokmi rozhodol podstúpiť profesionálnu zmenu a loptu postupne vymenil za plávanie, cyklistiku a beh. Dnes sa triatlonu venuje naplno a keď nešportuje, spestruje si dni modelingom či vylihovaním v…